Film Music

“Invisible World”
National Film Board (2015)
Directed by Galen Scorer and Tyler Enfield
Executive Producer: Bonnie Thompson
Original MUSICal Score by Everett Laroi

Invisible World, a unique VR experience, will have its world premiere at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montréal October 8-15, 2016. The project was created by Tyler Enfield and Galen Scorer and co-produced by the CFC Media Lab and the NFB. Available in English, French and Khmer versions, this 22-minute work allows audiences to explore the layered points of view of three people whose lives intersect after a shared trauma: a dramatic event involving a young boy in Cambodia. Enabling us to move within, between and around cinema as a physical object, Invisible World treats VR as a medium of expression, offering a conceptual story space where our bodies create new meaning through new juxtapositions.


Best Original MUSICAL Score
(Drama under 30 minutes)

numbers-on-a-page“Numbers On A Page: The Seniors Care Crisis in Alberta”
AUPE New Media (2015)
Directed by David Jeffrey Buchanan

Numbers on a Page: The seniors care crisis in Alberta (2014) weaves together the voices of several people affected by a wave of closures of long-term care facilities, which began in 2012. The film shows the human face behind the declining number of long-term care beds in Alberta, a trend that has left seniors with complex care needs and their families in a difficult position. It also fills in the context for this crisis, including the government and Alberta Health Services’ increasingly arms length approach to seniors care that is diverting more and more public funding to private facilities.

“Numbers on a Page” had it’s premiere screening on Monday, February 2, 2015 at Zeidler Hall at The Citadel Theatre.


2016 AMPIA Award Nominee

Heidi Janz“We Regret to Inform You”
National Film Board (2015)
Directed by Eva Colmers & Heidi Janz
Executive Producer: Bonnie Thompson
Original MUSICAL Score By Everett LaRoi

In a check-box society that functions by dividing us into neatly-defined categories, where does someone with a strong mind and a weak body fit in? Dr. Heidi Janz – award-winning playwright, accomplished academic, and self-described ‘crip’ – has a curious problem. Despite her obvious physical limitations she is denied financial assistance from government programmes because of her “productive” mind. Following Heidi through her everyday life, with all its unique responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges, We Regret to Inform You… offers an unsentimental, and unapologetic, look at what it means to be
both “disabled” and “productive”.


Brothers-in-the-buddha“Brothers in the Buddha” (2014)

Directed by Beth Wishart MacKenzie
Music by Shout out out out, Tony Bao and Everett Laroi

“Brothers in the Buddha features, Michael, a seventeen year old Vietnamese Canadian youth who has taken up the discipline of a monastic at a monastery in the heart of the Canadian city of Edmonton. Michael wears the tunic of a monastic, but he does not live a cloistered life; Michael is fully engaged in the modern world and attends high school with other youth his age. Brothers in the Buddha examines the personal life and challenge undertaken by this young Canadian, both in the monastery and in the world around him. We observe Michael as an adolescent seeking to define his identity, no different than other adolescents, and we come to know him not as an unapproachable ‘novelty’, but as a friend and neighbor.”

cover for NFB documentary "Red Run"“RED RUN”
National Film Board (2001)
Directed by Murray Jurak.
Produced by Jerry Krepakavich.

In 1913, a railway blast sent hundreds of tons of rock cascading into the Fraser River, blocking the path of thousands of returning salmon. The Fraser Valley Aboriginal people rallied for days to save their fish, carrying them one at a time over the fallen rock. Red Run recalls this dramatic tale and reveals its impact today. Shimmering salmon still battle the Fraser’s currents every summer. And the ‘River People’ balance on the treacherous cliffs, waiting to scoop them from the river with traditional dip and gill nets. Director Murray Jurak, from the region’s Lower Nicola Band, follows members of three Siska families to the river’s edge. To provide for her family, Alice follows the time-honoured fishing methods traditionally practised by men. Percy and Fred pass on their skills and respect for the turbulent river to their two young sons. Set in the BC Interior, Red Run captures an event as spectacular as it is dangerous.

El Festival del Riu, Barcelona, Spain