Selkirk Range CD Release

Recorded at an early pioneer loghouse located east of Edmonton, Reach out to You is the debut album by Edmonton-based Selkirk Range, a singer-songwriter project led by Gordon Gow. The record marks the first release by this emerging independent artist who is branching out in a direction rather different from his full-time position as a professor of communication studies at the University of Alberta.

The album is the culmination of year-long collaboration with award-winning producer Everett LaRoi (Manraygun, Goldtop, Idyl Tea), and features performances by 2013 Edmonton Music Award Nominee Alice Kos, veteran drummer Mike Silverman, and vocalist Karen von Klitzing. Gow’s young son, Davis, is also featured playing percussion on the album.

Gow and LaRoi bring to this record different yet complementary musical influences, resulting in a tapestry of country-ish Canadiana embroidered with lap steel and La Roi’s folk-forward arrangements. “I try to create little vignettes with the songs,” says Gow, whose baritone vocals are heightened with graceful performances by Kos and von Klitzing. “The lyrics tend toward melancholy but it’s mostly of that bittersweet kind.”

The lead single “Yellowhead West” was a finalist and received special mention in Jameson Upstart category of the 2016 Ship & Anchor song contest in Calgary. Like many of the songs on the record, it speaks to a longing for connection. “It’s not unlike that Buddhist notion of life as suffering that comes from attachment to something or someone,” Gow admits of the album’s central theme. “However, I think that by reaching out to those feelings through music we can find a way to reconcile with ourselves.”

Selkirk Range will continue to reach out to a growing fan base in Alberta and beyond as he promotes the record with live performances and through social media.

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iTunes Release Date: November 22, 2016

Track Listing
1. Cold Coffee
2. Doin’ By Me
3. Longest Night of the Year 4. She Came By
5. Yellowhead West
6. You, Me, and the Almighty 7. A Long Goodbye


Gordon Gow
Selkirk Range
Phone: 780-710-4673