Rosies 2016 – Everett LaRoi wins AMPIA Award for Best Original Musical Score for ‘Invisible World’

13243964_1335996309762007_852616732929394338_oRecently I was nominated for 2 AMPIA Awards for 2 original scores I composed that were released in 2015. I admit I don’t really follow awards too much, but I was still thrilled and flattered to be nominated. Composing for film is still a relatively new venture for me (I’ve scored 5 films so far) so I’m still very fresh and excited by it. I worked my ass off on those soundtracks and am proud of the work I did on them. To be acknowledged by my peers in this way gave me the feeling my prospects might be broadening.

The first nomination was for my soundtrack for “Invisible World” (Best Original Music Score for drama under 30 minutes) which is being released later this year by The National Film Board. The second was for a more political documentary piece about the crisis in seniors care in my home province of Alberta (titled “Numbers On A Page”/AUPE New Media).Ev Rosie award speech

I was up against some pretty established composers (like Kris Demeanor, Gary James Joynes and Alec Harrison) so I wasn’t kidding myself about winning, the nomination was enough already. Then as I was driving down to Calgary for the Rosie Awards Gala the thought occurred to me, what if I do win? Then I’ll have to give one of those acceptance speeches. “Oh fuck.” Anyway, the old musician instinct to practice kicked in so I started replaying in mind over and over what I might say for my speech. Then I felt like a real douche bag (I know that term has been officially decommissioned but it seems to fit here).

IMG_2928As they announced the nominees I admit I started to feel a bit uptight. Actually, I started to feel my heart pound in my chest (just a tiny bit okay?) and then there it was: my name up on all the screens, my soundtrack music playing and (gasp!) applause.

The speech went fine (I tried not to sound like a douche bag). After all, I just had say what I really felt which was a) I’m honoured by this and,  b) thanks to everyone I worked with.