Film Soundtracks and new Goldtop recordings

Everett LaRoi recording in home studioI’ve been composing film music like a madman over the last several months – so challenging, so inspiring! Also making steady progress on new GOLDTOP recordings with Alice Kos (more on that later).

I have been offered composing contracts for 3 films in quick succession this year – a huge compliment and welcome challenge for me. The first is an interactive web based short film called “Invisible World” which will be released by the National Film Board of Canada. Years ago I composed music for the NFB film “Red Run”, so it was great to resume working with the kind and inspiring folks over at the NFB on a new film, but, this time with a ton of new skills and experience that I’ve accumulated over the last decade. Within a couple weeks of finishing work on Invisible World, I was approached to compose a few musical themes for an endearing indie film documentary entitled “Brothers in Buddha” (which also features music by fellow Edmontonians Shout Out Out Out Out). I had just finished that and was on a family vacation on the west coast in July when I was offered a third film music contract – holy shit! Yay! I’m loving this work –  I want to do more! On all three films I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and learning from sound designer John Blerot.

Meanwhile on the weekends my dear friend Alice Kos and I have been squeezing in some studio time to work on some new Goldtop tunes for our upcoming debut release entitled “You Possess Me”. We have 5 songs tracked so far and a bunch of new ones ready to go. Stay tuned for details on upcoming live performances.